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Dong Van travel guide – Market, Old Quarter & Geopark

The town of Dong Van in Ha Giang is nestled between towering rocky mountains in the far north of Vietnam..

HMong King Palace and Sa Phin market in Ha Giang – A visitor guide

The HMong King Palace in Sa Phin was the former residence of the kings of the Vuong Dynasty. Now one.

Ha Giang loop: 15 highlights, 3 – 5 day route itinerary, homestays, & tips

The Ha Giang province is part of the most impressive area in Vietnam. To see this huge province well you.

Lung Cu flag tower – the most northern point of Vietnam

The Lung Cu flag tower is a 33 meter high tower with a 54 square meter flag on the most.

Sung La valley & the Chin Khoanh pass (Nine Ramps)

Sung La valley is located on the highway QL4C between Ha Giang City and Dong Van and getting here you.

Tham Ma Pass – The winding mountain pass in Ha Giang

The Tham Ma Pass is an iconic s-shaped mountain pass in the mountain region of Ha Giang. It is part.

Quan Ba travel guide – Twin mountains, heaven gate & villages

Quan Ba is a famous stop along the route of the Ha Giang loop. It is here where you enter.

Ha Giang loop -road trip by car

High in the north of Vietnam is a place where the road winds through jaw-dropping canyons and breathtaking mountain passes..

Ha Giang

Ha Giang Loop Best road trip for wild swimming and mountain passes Ha Giang–Ha Giang; 350km (218 miles) The soaring.

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