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1        What kind of trips does Marco Polo Travel offer?

Marco Polo Travel offers classical tours , adventure tours like trekking, sea kayaking and biking . Specially we provide: cycling tours as road bike and  mountain bike as adventure biking tours, especially we specialize doing mountain bike for off road, single track, cross country … For more information, please go to the website or email us at  or call us at  hotline:+84 913 571 687 for Joe Nguyen Mr


2        I’m not ready to make a reservation. Can Marco Polo  hold space for me?

Due to limited availability and the popularity of our trips, Marco Polo  is unable to hold space without deposit. For more information about the deposit amount, please contact us with the email:

3        What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

If you must cancel your trip for any reason you must do so in writing. Cancellation refunds will be calculated as of the date we receive your written cancellation and you will be charged 30% of the total tour cost for flight ticket and 10% for hotel. To receive any refund, your air tickets and, if applicable, cruise tickets must be returned to Marco Polo Travel (in case you receive them after having come to Vietnam). Any applicable refunds will be processed 30 days after our receipt of your written cancellation and air tickets.


4        After booking through internet, who in charge will I meet or who will pick me up at airport?

Guides of Marco Polo  will pick you up at the airport when we know the day you arrive in Vietnam and if you wonder something, please feel free contact us.

5        If I join in a group, what is the maximum group size?

You’re probably wondering about the people with whom you’ll share your adventure. Chances are, they’re a lot like you. Our guests include families, couples, friends, and solo travelers from all walks of life. Spirited travelers, they share a passion for our wonderful world. They range in age from their late 20s to mid-70s, reminding us all that you can never be too young or too old to have fun!

While you’re here, let us dispel any misconceptions you may have about “group travel.” Our groups are intentionally kept small – usually less than 10 people for mountain bike trip and les than 14 people with road bike – so you will not feel herded around. The guides often have very close ties to the local community and we are readily welcomed into the lives of the local folk.

6        Can I request to have more activities (like trekking or walking) if the trip features only normal ones?

Yes, you can if it is your private trip (everything is private like: private transport, private guide, etc) but in case you are joining in group, it is better if you make an extension tour later.


7        What will our accommodation be like?

Since our groups never have more than 10 travelers, we stay in small, authentic accommodations that can’t take large tour groups. Marco Polo  offers basic amenities and simple comforts with an emphasis on the character of your destination because it depends on the place you are staying in each destination, home-stay or small hotels. But actually, the hotels in our programs are 2-3 star ones with standard and deluxe rooms. If you choose a basic tour, you will share in a twin-room.


8        How can I earn FREE TRAVEL with Marco Polo ?

It begins with your enthusiasm for travel. Simply gather 10 paying travelers to join you on the same adventure, and as the 11th passenger, you travel FREE. If you bring 8-9 friends, then you’ll receive 50% off your group’s average ticketed price for yourself.


9        Do I receive any benefit if I refer new travelers to Marco Polo ?

Yes. When you refer new travelers, you become one of our partners and earn $50 per person for each traveler who travels with us.


10      Does Marco Polo Travel provide a solo trip (or private trip) with an affordable rate?

Yes, we always organize private trips at the customers’ discretion, for example, cycling all days, bike or bike tours, etc. Regardless of private adventure  cycling or classical cyclling, they are not too expensive for you to afford. That’s for sure!


11      I have just glanced over your website and found that your tours are affordable so why you can provide such reasonable trips?

Well it is an interesting question. The reason is that we do tours directly not via any partners or middleman. And we do our business in internet and save a lot of money for real property. Furthermore, we are on the way to make our name universally known so tour quality is always put priority.


12      What include in the tour I may book?

The price you pay for your trip includes everything related to your tour which we mention in each specific tour on our website.


13      How close to a departure date can Marco Polo  take reservations?

You should take my advice to book up to 35 days prior to departure. At that time, we’re required to finalize our passenger information with the airlines and hotels. All bookings are by request and are confirmed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our website or email for more details.


14      Can I return from the trip later than the scheduled return date?

With Marco Polo  you have the option to enjoy some days more at the end of your stay, subject to flight availability. This option enables you to travel on your own wherever you choose. Your total travel time cannot exceed 30 days from the original date of departure from the U.S. Additional air charges may also apply. You will be responsible for confirming your international flight back to your country and for your own transfers to the airport. Confirmation will be available approximately 45 days before your departure.


15      Is it OK if I want to go on a trip but just book one service in your agent like only flight tickets or train tickets, bike hire?

Sure. Marco Polo  still willingly gives you the best service although it is a small service.


16      How will I be affected because of the change of tropical climate?

Symptoms you may experience include headache, nausea, loss of appetite, trouble with sleep, and lack of energy. We recommend you consult your physician about the climate featured in your trip’s itinerary. Prescription drugs to minimize symptoms are available.


17      Do you offer discount for my children at the age of 10?

To any children under 12 Marco Polo Travel just charges 75% of the tour cost. To children above 12 years old it is charged like the service to adults.


18      Would you mind if I have some requests on food when I do the tour with others because I am a vegetarian?

Never mind! Feel free as at home! But you should tell us what kind of food you enjoy before leaving for the trip.


19      Which places is well-worthy for sightseeing in Vietnam? Can you suggest?

Vietnam is a peaceful country with many beautiful spots, that’s why a lot of foreigners come to Vietnam for visiting. And we will recommend you the places you can go if we know exactly which you prefer: seas, forests or minority villages, etc. Contact our website for more details.


20       What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring – besides your spirit of adventure – is your personal gear on gears check list: .

21       How hard cycling will be?

We have designed a range of tours to suit every kind of cyclist from off road mountain bike in Vietnam and touring in Laos.

22       What will the weather be like ?

All  of my tour are during the dry season, so you should not have much rain.

23      How could we believe you?

Talk to the people who have cycling with us, contact us we will give you details.