Top 10 Best Free Cycling Distance Measurement Apps

Top free cycling distance meter apps can be mentioned as: IsmoothRun, Strava, Zombies, Run!, My Run Plan,… . Especially for the sports-loving community. But which is the best application for you? Let’s find out with the pros and cons of each app!


IsmoothRun is one of the applications for people who love sports and intense training. It is considered the most comprehensive app of all cycling distance measurement apps today. In addition to helping you synchronize information instantaneously, IsmoothRun also has the ability to integrate many different services. Provides a series of special features that other applications can hardly do.


  • IsmoothRun has the ability to synchronize data with many different services and applications.
  • App connects with a variety of accessories, supports most heart rate sensors or heart rate monitors connected via Bluetooth.
  • Customize exercises to your liking.
  • Provide GPS service on cycling distance.
  • IsmoothRun also helps you build the right workout tempo from low to high.


  • IsmoothRun supports on iOS, so need to sync other services. Otherwise, you will lose all data when resetting the machine.
  • App is only used on iOS.

2. MyMapRun

MapMyRun is a development application of a famous global sports company specializing in the field of garment production such as clothes, shoes, etc. Based on that foundation, the interface of MapMyRun application is very billion. meticulous, beautiful.

App uses 2 main colors blue and white. It is one of the applications suitable for those who love to explore new paths or those who are just starting to practice.

MyMapRun app


  • My Map Run supports finding new running routes.
  • The ability to accurately measure time, distance and speed.
  • The app also syncs with Under Armor smart shoes and lets you know when you need new shoes.


  • App does not support Vietnamese.
  • To use other premium features, registration is required.
  • GPS positioning is prone to errors if the positioning is not in the right location.

3. Strava

What is Strava? It is one of the applications that helps to monitor, manage and evaluate our training progress comprehensively. Multi-functional integrated app for most sports such as running, cycling, badminton and other sports.

This application is suitable for those who practice from semi-professional to professional. In addition, it also has the ability to connect to a variety of devices. You may not know that this application also has a separate social networking site for members to discuss with each other. Not only that, the app also updates competitions happening near you, useful sports clubs, etc.


  • App centralizes and analyzes data accurately.
  • Download the app completely for free.
  • Usable on both iOS and Android operating systems.


  • The application needs to be updated, upgraded to the highest version to update the most optimal features.
  • Private routes can be made public.

4. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is rated as one of the interesting applications, suitable for those who like challenges.

When participating, you will become a character in the application and you have to perform the tasks given. This application is integrated in a learning style, while playing. Sometimes you will have to run fast to avoid the Zombies, sometimes you run very slowly, making no noise so that they can’t find you. App has 25 challenges, each challenge corresponds to each training session, lasting for 2 months. 3 sessions per week. The App cleverly guides you through stories, combining running and walking in one training session.


  • Avoid boredom during exercise.
  • There is a clear route for beginners.
  • Used on both iOS and Android operating systems.


  • Must upgrade if you want to use the latest feature.

5.My Run Plan

My Run Plan is an application that helps you personalize your plan. Accordingly, you can set short-term and long-term planning goals. And gradually complete the set goals. The app can also help you answer questions through coaches when you submit questions. Coaches will respond within 24 hours.


  • You can be proactive in your time and work.
  • Accomplish a set of goals according to a certain plan.
  • Support to answer questions quickly.
  • The application is used on both Android and iOS operating systems.


  • The application works stably on Android 7.0 and above and iOS 12 and above.

6. Nike+ Running

Is one of the free health monitoring applications that can be used for all levels. The application saves all runs, providing real data during execution.


  • Nike+ Running offers workout plans for beginners.
  • Modern interface design that integrates your achievements and ratings.
  • The application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.


  • Apps consume phone space when running in the background.
  • GPS positioning has not been updated continuously.

7. Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is the right app for those who are setting a 5km goal. Rated as one of the best general odometer applications on the market. This application is suitable for those who are just starting to practice, building orientation and motivation for us to practice every day.



  • The App provides advice and training instructions properly.
  • Help you adjust your habits according to the app’s exercise program.
  • Simple app to navigate and set up.
  • Features that allow users to use their own sounds.


  • The application has not been updated with new features.

8. Pacer

Pacer is one of the applications that is considered suitable for those who want to run often.

Pedometer - Run & Step Counter - Apps on Google Play


  • Accurately track activities from steps, to weight and training time.
  • Displays your steps, calories and weight.
  • The app is also a platform to connect and create practice groups with family and friends.
  • In addition, the application also provides practice textbooks. This is totally useful for beginners.

Pacer app



  • App crashed on some phones can’t be used.
  • Can’t count steps when the screen is off.

9. Human

Human is one of the apps that helps practitioners stay motivated and become more active.

Not rated as an excellent application, but this application brings a lot of motivation and encouragement during exercise.

Human app


  • Analyze and compare your data with those around you, thereby giving a ranking.
  • The app works even in the background, helping you keep track of uptime.


  • Takes up large storage space.
  • Must upgrade if you want to use full features.

10. Endomondo

Endomondo is one of those apps that motivates you to quickly accomplish your goals. It will act like a virtual trainer, reminding you to complete the exercises hard.

Endomondo’s free cycling distance measurement app application


  • The application provides you with suitable training plans to help you improve your performance.
  • Accurately measure workout time, speed and distance, calories burned per workout.


  • The interface is hard to see
  • GPS positioning does not update correctly

Above are the top free cycling distance measurement apps rated by as effective during exercise. Hope you find your favorite app!

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