Khuoi Khon villages- Bao Lac trekking

Khuoi Khon community tourist site, Khuoi Khon village, Kim Cuc commune (Bao Lac – Cao Bang) is a small village of 56 households of Lo Lo ethnic group. Come to Khuoi Khon, visitors will experience quiet space, mix in nature, witness the rural life in spacious houses, airy, clean, explore the unique culture. of the Lo Lo ethnic group.


Lo Lo Khuoi Khon.

Entrance to Khuoi Khon Community Tourist Site.

The 100% Lo Lo live in the stilted houses.

The costumes of the Lo Lo are black.

Weaving brocade and brocade are kept by Lo Lo women.

Brocade embroidery products are selected by many tourists.

Tourism at Khuoi Khon Tourist Site is an enjoyable experience for visitors.

Paddy is kept in the house by the Lo Lo.

Stewed meat is an indispensable food of the Lo Lo

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