Hagiang-CaoBang loop

Hagiang -Caobang loop by motor bike

The drive to Ban Gioc Waterfall is beautiful, especially when combined with the Ha Giang Loop. For individuals who want to spend more time discovering what is beyond Ha Giang Loop, the Famous Ha Giang Loop Plus is ideal. One of Vietnam’s most magnificent natural wonders is the Ban Gioc Waterfall. The largest waterfall in the nation, Ban Gioc is 30 meters high and 300 meters broad, and is situated in the northeastern Cao Bang province. The Quay Son River, a stunning jade-blue body of water flowing from China through a pastoral setting of rice paddies and bamboo groves encircled by limestone pinnacles, is where the falls are located.

For travelers coming from other locations such as Sapa, or Ha Long, we kindly request that you plan to arrive one day prior to the scheduled departure on Day 1. Furthermore, if you are planning to travel by motorbike, we would appreciate it if you could allocate the morning of Day 1 for completing certain procedures before meeting the group and commencing the journey after lunch.



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