10 attractive natural attractions in Vietnam

10 attractive natural attractions in Vietnam

Unlike travel tours often choose the location of people who prefer to travel “dust” to choose the desert, wild nature, mysterious. from marcopoloasia.com

When the time of travel is approaching, sketching some of the attractions listed below may help some who do not have a plan for the upcoming holidays to direct their way.


* For families

A safe destination for rest, rejuvenation is really the first criterion when traveling for each family – A place is noisy, sloppy, not stuffy, bon chen, there is air in healthy and guaranteed services. Marine areas, islands with public transportation (such as cars and trains) became the number one choice for families traveling alone during this period.

1. Cô Tô – small island in the middle of the ocean

CôTô – real resort paradise for visitors

If you are in Hanoi, 5:30 pm, you can catch the boat at Hon Gai, the last stop at Luong Yen wharf (ticket price: 50,000 VND / person) to start the journey to Co To Island (Quang Ninh). Overnight in Van Don, mix with the most original of the creature with thousands of natural wonders, sipping the specialties of the sea, to forget all the chaos of life to live. Morning 6:30, boarding to Co To island.

After nearly 3 hours traveling by boat, she fascinated tourists by the pristine beaches with white sand and clear blue water. Many are impressed with the barbecue by the sea, or floating on the squid fishing boat at night, rowing on the lighthouse watching the four clouds of water or sleep in the tents to travel to feel. The sand is crunching on the back.

Although there are not many points to enjoy but Co To – small island between blue ocean off this is worthy of an ideal vacation destination for tourists.

The price of a house is about 150 – 200,000 VND / double room. Estimated cost for a 3 day trip is about 950,000 VND / person

2. Cu Lao Cham – green pearl

Many people like Cu Lao Cham as a stone has not been peeled, the edges of it is still rough, hindered by the undulating rocks like teeth. From Cua Dai, Hoi An, just 20 minutes away on the waves, one can set foot on the pristine white sand of a corner of Cu Lao Cham paradise. With 8 small islands stretching in the shape of a green bow, Cu Lao Cham is one of many unspoiled archipelagoes that have been put into operation in recent years in Quang Nam.

There was no electricity at night, people set fire to the camp overlooking the sea under the sky with thousands of stars sparkling. In the morning, the waves hit the floor as if waking you up to welcome the brilliant sunrise on the sea. You can rent a boat to see the coral or go see a bird nest nest, especially eye witnessed hundreds of crabs crawling on the rocks in front.

Ticketing in the peak period as 30 April seems very difficult. So, to save on travel costs, you can ride high quality in Da Nang, stay overnight at the hotel near the Han River, walk on the romantic road, the most romantic place (room price from 100-200 thousand VND). The next morning, visitors can catch a car or bus to Hoi An immersed in old moss house houses and dive under the blue water and sunbathe on the white sandy flat.

Estimated cost of living + entertainment is about 400,000 VND / person / day.

3. Ca Mau – enjoy the new feeling
ca mau

This place is suitable for residents living in the South. This land is only in the city. Ho Chi Minh City less than an hour flight. Guests can also go by Mai Linh’s car at any time.

Each time canoeing from Ho Chi Minh City. Ca Mau to Dat Mui will bring you unforgettable experience. Enjoying the thrills of the water and the vibrant life on both sides of the river, the two hours from Ca Mau City to Dat Mui are just moments away. Tourists will be pleased with the sea Khai Long when the same people go mud skateboard shark. A nutritious and seductive dish.

Ca Mau is also proud to be the creator of the U Minh forest, with the pioneering trees of the day and night encroaching on the sea for the land of Vietnam to add more. Standing on the Vuong Forest, the view of the sea with a wave of undulating waves on the side of the boat full of fish and shrimp are gradually landing, the row of lodges hidden in the forest to create a land of Mui a terrain. forest aquatic beings.

The estimated package cost for the trip to Ca Mau is about 1 million VND / person / 3 days 2 nights.

4. Moc Chau – The original flowers

power chau

People come to Moc Chau to rest after every weekend. Wandered on the hills are also blooming flowers, watching the blue sky in the cage from above, tiptoe through the mossy stone slabs of the Bam Waterfall, curious with the bat, or simply sipping a little The taste is cool every early frost is still not spread throughout

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